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    computer cable
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    Camera Power Voltage

    Some small system also can use 12 v direct power supply way, namely in the monitoring indoor use a high power dc regulated power supply to the whole system power supply.

    In this case, the power cord will need to choose wire diameter with thicker line, and distance cannot too long, otherwise, they can't make the normal work of the system. This is because the power supply of power must have, the lower voltage, current is larger, and big power in smaller line resistance can also produce greater pressure drop (see chart 6-3), a camera power port of the actual voltage value can not reach the required value.

    In this case, the camera image or jitter, no color, or simply no image, time in a camera loading (namely constantly open camera power) measure under the premise of the power supply port in voltage value can be found the problem (the voltage value may be only 10 v or so).

    Many engineering company in the first time to use dc 12 v power supply direct power supply TV

    monitoring system system debugging is encountered similar problems.

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