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    computer cable

    computer cable
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    Communication Cable

    Communication cable refers to the joint in the Lord and decoder system between the two core cable.

     can choose ordinary 2 core sheath line, but generally speaking, with shielding layer comparison of two core anti-interference performance better, more suitable for strong interference environment of remote transmission.

    The optional communication line such as RVVP - 2/0. 15 or RVVP - 2/0. 3, etc.

    Choose communication cable basic principle is the longer the distance, wire diameter is coarse. For example: RS - 485 communication provisions of the basic communication distance is 1200 m, but in actual engineering in use RVV - 2/1. 5 sheath line, can communication extended to more than 2000 m.

    When communication line is too long, need to use RS - 485 communication repeater. The control signal amplification plastic.

    Otherwise, long distance communication control instruction cannot be decoder steadily receiving or simply cannot receive.

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