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    computer cable

    computer cable
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    Control Cable Feature

    In the TV monitoring system, from the camera to decoder space distance is short (usually in a few meters range), therefore from the decoder to yuntai and electric lens between the control cable general is not required;
    The controller to yuntai and electric lens distance is less dozens of meters,, hundreds of meters, in this monitoring system, the control cables will need to have certain requirement that wire diameter to coarse.
    This is because the conductor of the dc resistance and the cross-sectional area of the wire and inversely proportional control signals and the long wire transmission, because of its conductor resistance (a few ~ dozens of ohm or higher) and produce pressure drop, wire diameter the fine or the longer the transmission distance is conductor resistance is larger, the greater the pressure drop control signal,
    so that the control signal to yuntai or electric lens cannot drive load motor action. This kind of phenomenon for low voltage control signal is particularly obvious, such as for exchange 24 v driven yuntai and dc 6 ~ 12 v drive electric lens, may appear yuntai is often "card"

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