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    computer cable

    computer cable
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    Control Cable

    Control cable usually refers to is used to control and power yuntai 3 variable lens of multicore cable, it end connection in the controller or decoder of yuntai, electric lens control terminal, the other end is directly receive yuntai, electric lens on the corresponding terminal.

    Due to the control cable offer is dc or ac voltage, and general distance is very short (sometimes also avoiding the 1 m), basically does not exist interference problem, so there is no need to use shielding line.

    Commonly used control cable mostly adopts 6 core cable or 10 core cable, such as RVV - 6/0. 2, RVV - 10/0. 12, etc.

    Six core cable respectively in yuntai meet the up, down, left, right, automatic, public six terminal.

    10 core cable in addition to meet yuntai six terminal external include electric lens variable times, focus, and aperture, public four terminal.

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