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    computer cable

    computer cable
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    HDMI cable clock frequency

    HDMI using a coaxial to receiver send synchronous clock signal.

    Clock difference is to link data transfer rate of 1/10, equal to the video signal pixel clock frequency (in deep color model, the clock may be pixel clock frequency of the 1.25/1.5 or 2 times).

    Of course, in different video resolution, refresh rate and bit depth, the data also change. The highest clock frequency by specific HDMI standard controls, but all the HDMI standard minimum clock frequency are 25 MHZ.

     If the pixel clock frequency less than 25 MHZ, video will transverse copy pixels, until the clock frequency reaches a minimum above. HDMI1.3 and 1.4 the highest clock frequency is 340 MHZ, and HDMI1.0 to 1.2 a is 165 MHZ.

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